Solutions for the industry, from experts in the industry.

We provide the solutions your business needs to become a secure, productive and compliant marijuana facility. Our team knows the industry, culture, regulations and challenges, and we don’t cut corners or make assumptions. CBD National projects are fully compliant from the beginning and are designed by experienced professionals specifically to fit your business and compliance needs. Contact us today to start the consultation process.

Cannabis Business Development

We’re a team of professionals who quit their day jobs to start a new business, focused 100% on helping people navigate the complicated and ever changing regulatory and operational hurdles of opening and running a legal cannabis business. We have decades of experience across a spectrum of crucial expertise needed to plan, license and operate a successful business in this growing industry. Wherever you are in the process of planning or operating your business, contact us to schedule an initial consultation and overview of our services.


Insurance & Real Estate

Our team of professional licensed agents provide risk management, loss prevention strategies, and custom designed insurance plans specific to the Cannabis industry. With over 26 years in insurance, real estate and a strong network of investment experts, our team will take away the frustrations of finding properties suitable for your cannabis business.  We can help you understand the current market dynamics and guide you through the purchase or sale of properly zoned for Cannabis operations.

Design & Construction

Our Consultants have seen it all. We’ve helped fix problems, we’ve helped plan projects right the first time, and we’ve came into clean things up mid project. We want to help you avoid costly pitfalls and mistakes.

Licensing & Compliance

Licensing can get stressful, so can making sure you’re constantly running a compliant business. Our consultants know all the ins and outs of compliance and are here to help ensure your business operates within the rules.


With decades of security experience, we will make sure your facility security is fully compliant and functional. We offer customized solutions based on your facilities unique needs including Intrusion Alarm, Fire Alarm, Surveillance, Access Control, Monitoring Services, Physical Security Design and Guard Service.

IT & Automation

Ranging from garden automation and sensors to Retail Point of Sale to enterprise computer and mobile device deployment, we will help you make the right decisions and roll out both software and hardware solutions tailor built and designed for your business.


From packaging to logo, print and web design to social media management, our professional network of marketing experts can help your brand connect with customers and stand out.


Whether you need stand-alone services, equipment and expertise, or you want a fully managed experience, we can provide pre-packaged and custom services to help establish, license and operate your business.

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Our Team

Our Executive Management Team comes from a variety of backgrounds and covers a wide breadth of management, regulatory and industry experience. Together with the entire CBD National team and network of trade professionals we help our clients secure their position in this growing industry in a secure, legal and optimized manner.

Peter McCorkle

Chief Operations Officer, Director of Project Design and Management Task Group

Peter McCorkle is Chief Operations Officer, Co-Founder and Director of Project Management at CBD National, and is a member of the company’s executive management team. Peter spent ten years as a firefighter in Arizona, training fellow firefighters as a Training Officer and managing emergency situations as an Incident Commander.  When he and his family moved to Oregon, Peter quickly saw an opportunity to apply his entrepreneurial spirit, utilize his strategic mindset, foster training and management of complex tasks to provide support in a rapidly growing industry. He partnered with experts in the cannabis industry, and has gained invaluable design, management and regulatory experience and knowledge that he utilizes in helping clients establish themselves in this rapidly growing industry.

Sandra Diesel

Chief Executive Officer, Director of Insurance, Medical, Growing and Advocacy Task Groups

Sandra Diesel is Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder and Director of the Insurance, Medical, Growing and Advocacy Task Groups at CBD National, and is a member of the company’s executive management team. Sandra Diesel has been a highly recognized insurance agent and business consultant since 1998. In 2006 Sandra became permanently disabled due to a near fatal automobile accident. After a decade of rehabilitation, she relocated to California to become a medical marijuana patient. Upon the passage of Measure 91, Sandra relocated to southern Oregon to pursue her passion in the cannabis industry by founding Oregon’s first cannabis specific insurance agency. She takes an active role in working with local government to help facilitate the drafting of legislation and regulations for the industry. Sandra speaks the language of the cannabis culture and serves as a bridge builder to the professional business world.

Dwayne Parker

Chief Compliance Officer, Director of Licensing, Training and Retail Task Groups

Dwayne Parker is Chief Compliance Officer, Co-Founder and Director of the Licensing, Training and Retail Task Groups at CBD National, and is a member of the company’s executive management team.

Evan Brown

Chief Technology Officer, Director of Security, Research and Analysis Task Group

Evan Brown is Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder and Director of the Security, Research and Analysis Task Group at CBD National, and is a member of the company’s executive management team. After a decade working in Information Technology and Assurance, Field Engineering, Force Protection, Emergency Management and Geospatial Intelligence for federal, state, private enterprise and the defense industry, Evan sought to bring his experience and expertise to an industry with vast opportunities for scientific, health and industrial advancements. Having experience with the federal and international policy creation process and the challenges that governmental bodies and private enterprise both face, he advocates international adoption of expanded scientific research of cannabis and consumer access to legal, safe and diverse product.